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41-MLK Gard French Horn Fixed Bell Frn Gig Bag, Leather ( All Reviews )

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John Brewer from Amarillo, TX



"Gard Mid-Suspension Fixed Bell Horn Bag - Standard" Got this bag to save my hard cases. It's lighter and doesn't bang up the car/furniture as a hard case does. Great material and workmanship. Mid suspension pad and bell disc/cone adjust and work well (see case images). Side pocket is small and hard to get into or out of. I put my accessories in a separate mute bag. Strap is too heavy - I use a spare nylon luggage strap. The case is stiff and it's hard to insert/remove the horn. I think this will loosen up with use. Overall great bag at a great price with good protection for all but shipping use.

Beth Sopko from New York, NY



"Excellent bag" This bag just arrived today, and I saved the box just in case I had to ship it back for any reason. I can see I won't be doing that; this will be an excellent, protective bag to carry my horn when I'm not transporting it over distances. It's also And as far as the other reviewer who said the pocket on the side was too shallow: it's true I can't carry nearly as much as in the four pockets of my baritone sax case?which is also a GARD?but it does carry the essentials. I'm incredibly happy that it's so light and tough and affordable; of course, I'll update this review if I end up having anything to add.

Patricia from Canton, NY



"Very good bag" I like this bag very much. I waited nearly seven months to get it because it was affordable and offered excellent protection. My horn fits snugly into the bag and the bag protects it with its own foam and also with a removable bell cone and a removable/adjustable foam belt that holds the horn where you put it. I have only two negative comments about this bag. First, the pocket on the front does not have enough give to it so it is tough to put your mouthpieces and pencils in there. Second, the shoulder strap is very strong, but it keep slipping off the shoulder and should have one of those sliding thingies that sort of stick to your clothing to prevent that slip. A really good bag for a very low price!

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