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71-MSK Gard Sousaphone (26" Bell) Gig Bag, Synthetic with Leather Trim ( All Reviews )

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Duke of Squirrel from Boston



"Bueno Bonito Barato" PROS: Functional, Good Protection, Good Quality, Well Made. CONS: None. BEST USES: Concerts, Very Convenient For Gigs. Comments about Gard Mid-Suspension Sousaphone Gig Bag: Good, pretty, cheap. A bargain! Lightweight affordable protection as an alternative to the (more expensive) Protec bag or a cumbersome hardshell case. Lots of nice extras: a handy pouch, leather luggage tag, two strap handles, removable shoulder strap, backpack straps. Note: you'll look like a mutant teenage ninja turtle with this bag strapped to your back! Also included for added protection are custom "mid-bag-suspension" foam inserts to protect your souzy in transit. You place the inserts at strategic points most likely to receive damage during a fall. It took me a little while to figure it out how best to place the foam (a diagram would be helpful) but now my Conn 14k is safe as a joey kangaroo in its momma's pouch. Initially I had difficulty closing up the zipper until I found the "sweet spot" for the foam inserts and until the fabric worked in around the sousaphone.

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