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1-MLK Gard Single Trumpet Gig Bag, Leather ( All Reviews )

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 WOW! Great bag, customer service, and experience

 Comments about Gard Mid-Suspension Trumpet Gig Bag:

This is an excellent gig bag. The mid-suspension system works great, and the horn doesn't appear to touch the inside of the bag. It's isolated.

The side pocket is large enough for my mouthpiece, pencil, valve oil, etc., and can hold a mute (or two) in a pinch. But it's not really made for that. Get a mute bag.

The bag itself is beautiful. The leather is soft and supple, yet somehow feels rugged and protective. Overall, probably the best looking gig bag I've seen (or used).
BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Trumpeter from Broad Brook, CT



I definitely would buy this product again.

I use this gig bag to protect, carry and constant use of my Bach Stradivarius Anniversary trumpet. The trumpet is very well when carried and has adequate room to carry the necessary "extras."



  • Easy To Carry
  • Good Protection
  • Sturdy
  • Stylish


 Yo date, I have not experienced any cons.




  • Concerts
  • Everyday
  • Practicing
  • Travel




The best gigbag for a brass instrument I've ever had!

One thing in advance: I have never had such a good gigbag for one of my brass instruments. D

thomann The workmanship is phenomenal, the seatbelt fastenings are sewn together and all rings and carabiners are made of sturdy metal. The sewn-on bag is large enough for an exercise dummy, a donor's bag, oil, fat, rags ... the little stuff you need in the music school lesson. I thomann would have liked to have a holder for a mouthpiece, but to have to get a mouthpiece separately, weighs not heavy enough to pull a point.

The upholstery is really first class. The adjustable inner elements ensure a perfect fit so that the instrument can not slip thomann back and forth in the gigbag. Of course you have to take care of the leather execution regularly with high-quality leather grease, but this is not different in shoes.

Absolute purchase recommendation. Comparably expensive gigbags do not provide nearly this wearing comfort or protection!

Autumn Winds from NH



Well made

I've always used a hard case. But, I trust this mid-suspension gig bag to keep my trumpet safe.

www.thomannmusic.com customer



beautiful leather gig bag that accomodates your trumpet accessories and mutes.

 "This high quality case comes with foam inserts and a toughened bell end to protect from bangs and scrapes. The thomann instrument is well shielded and there is plenty of room for mutes and accessories in the side pouch. I could fit a straight ,cup and harmon mute plus 2 mouthpieces and oil and pencils in case without any problems. It even has a waterproof cover incorporated in the thomann bag if it rains!!

The case is not recommended for putting in the luggage compartment of a coach and not in the hold of a plane but carry on should be ok.

I say that because ultimately this is a soft case not a hard one ."

Amazon Customer



"Very pleased" Very nice looking gig bag, good quality and quite protective as well. Didn't figure out yet where to put my mouthpiece, but will soon do so. Thank you!



CONS: Not Functional. Poor measurements made by manufacturer ! Trumpets do not fit properly in the gig bag!!

david c. martz



"Love it!" Love it! No complaints.

Andreas9849 (German)



Qualitativ hochwertige und beim Tragen sehr handliche und komfortable Tasche Beim Handling habe ich nur 4 Sterne gegeben, da man die Trompete, im Gegensatz zu einem Koffer, mit etwas Geschick thomann in die Tasche stecken muss. Es gibt auch kein Munndstückfach "-loch", wie in einem Koffer. Für die Mundstücke habe ich ein extra Täschchen, das im Seitenfach bequem Platz findet. Dort ist auch ausreichend Platz für weiteres Zubehör (Oel, Schreibzeug, Magnete, ...). Man kann sogar einen eingebauten Regenschutz aus thomann dem Seitenfach zaubern. An meinem ersten Nutzungstag musste ich die Tasche den ganzen Tag mit mir herumtragen und war froh, dass sich die Investition voll bezahlt gemacht hat.



"great gig bag" Very nice case.



PROS: Awesome Protection, Easy To Use, Functional, Good Quality. Comments about Gard Mid-Suspension Trumpet Gig Bag: Excellent product



PROS: Good Quality. CONS: Difficult To Use. Comments about Gard Mid-Suspension Trumpet Gig Bag: Bach Bb w/ 43 Bell barely gets in the case. Have to stretch zipper around lead pipe end to get it to close. Concerned zipper will give out due to tension when closed and zipped. Does seem to be a durable, protective case, just needs to be an inch or 2 longer to not be a pain to get the horn in and out of and to not expose the end of lead pipe to poss. damage.

William R. Boughner



"Best Gig Bag I've ever had." Nice strap options, excellent hardware, super protection of instrument. What more could you ask for in a gig bag. Don't know if the leather is worth the extra money but it's nice.

Panama Bones



Best Gig Bag I've ever had.. Nice strap options, excellent hardware, super protection of instrument. What more could you ask for in a gig bag. Don't know if the leather is worth the extra money but it's nice.

Craig from Asheville, NC



"Great bag" I just got my bag and I'm truly impressed. The padding is very thick and stout. The interior pads are adjustable. The hardware is overkill, and I'm glad. This bag is larger than any other one I've had and it's because of the padding. I also really like the strap mounting options that allow you to personalize the way you want to carry it. I can't say enough good about this bag. For a single trumpet bag you can't do better, not even with a Reunion Blues bag.

MomZee from Columbia, MD



"Pleased so far" PROS: Like The Suspension System. BEST USES: Students Walking 2 School. Comments about Gard Mid-Suspension Trumpet Gig Bag: The foam blocks and bell rest protect the trumpet well without taking up much room. I think this is a great design!

ChicagoPhil from Chicago, IL



"Lots of Space." PROS: Easy To Use,Functional, Good Quality, Substantial Front Pocket. Comments about Gard Mid-Suspension Trumpet Gig Bag: The most important thing to me was that the pocket on the front could hold my accessories, including my metal straight mute and a 4-mouthpiece case. The straight mute fits easily, and I imagine a cup and bucket mute would fit pretty nicely, too (though It might be tight to cram all three mutes in at once). Very sturdy gig bag with supports in all the right places.

www.thomannmusic.com customer



Beste Qualität und sichere Verwahrung

 Dieses Gig Bag ist für eine deutsche B-Trompete zu klein geraten, bietet aber meiner C-Trompete maximale Sicherheit und ich erfreue thomann mich stets, wenn ich die hohe Qualität und durchdachte Technik betrachte. Höchst empfehlenswert.

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