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11-WBFSK Gard Triple Trumpet Wheelie, Synthetic with Leather Trim ( All Reviews )

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High quality wheely case

This is a gorgeous case made of sumptuous leather . The bag can be a wheelie case or a backpack thomann or carried conventionally like any bag but i wouldnt recommend this as it is quite heavy. It holds 2 trumpets and a piccolo easliy with plenty of room for mutes stands and accessories. 

I personally squeeze a trumpet and flugal into it and store 5 mutes in the thomann front accessory panel with no problems. 
My one criticism is that as a wheelie it sometimes isnt quite stable on uneven surfaces and can tip over if you arent too careful. 
All in all this is a high quality case competitively priced. Very good value for money indeed.

Cecil from Roswell, GA



No room for a Flugelhorn PROS: Good Protection, Sturdy, Stylish. CONS: No Room For A Flugelhorn, Not Functional. Very nice case, but no room for a Flugelhorn.

Bugman from Victoria, B.C. Canada



Excellent product.

Roomy and versatile allows for comfortable transportation of my trumpets to practice and concerts. I first thought the wheels might not be very desirable but have found them an asset. Very happy with the product.




Triple Trumpet case found to be more than expected. Very impressive case. Actually, I needed it only for a Bb and a picc, with room for a few mutes and a trumpet stand. However, I found the outside pocket (expandable) would accommodate bulky items (unlike most outside case pockets) and if I wanted to use the case for only the Bb, and moved the dividers over more, there was ample room for mutes, etc. that didn't all fit in the outside pocket, thus eliminating the need for an extra mute bag. Plus it offers protection, having learned my lesson on the soft bags, affectionately called "dent bags" (which I learned the hard way after many years of use).

Brandon Murphy



BRILLIANT CASE!!! This case is SUPER sturdy, very customizable, is built exceptionally well. There is a pouch in the front that can easily accommodate the arbans, clarke, and colin books, along with several music folders, or you could use it for mutes and such if you like. The wheels are great, work wonderfully. I actually use the middle slot to hold my mutes, with the many various blocks that the case comes with you can make it fit pretty much anything you want. I bet I could even get it to fit a flugel horn and two trumpets. There is even a compartment that stores a water resistant cover that you can put over the case if it is raining, and it stores easily right back into that pouch again. The case is large but very light, even with all my crap in it. My ONLY complaint, and it is not really a complaint, just something I wish it had, is that there isn't a place for mouthpieces. I have a couple leather mouthpiece pouches, so I use those and just toss them in with my mutes, but it would have been nice if maybe there was a side mouthpiece pouch, or possibly one of those Velcro blocks that could store mouthpieces inside of it. The bag doesn't say Allora on it though, it says Gard Bags, and there is a website that doesn't seem to exist, [...] but if you can forgive all that nonsense, this is a top notch case. I feel like my instruments are in there securely and safely. Very Sturdy!

rhumbajazz from California suburbs



Best trumpet bag I've found. I returned two other bags because the trumpets were buried so deep in them. This one looked like easy access, but I could not find much info about it. This is the bag I was looking for. The design is superb. There are all sorts of great features. For example, it came with 17 different velcro pads of different sizes and shapes so you can configure the bag for any size trumpets. You can can remove the wheels and handle which I did to save a pound or two. Every little feature is quality on this bag.

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