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106-MSK Gard Baritone Saxophone Low A (European Model) Gig Bag, Synthetic with Leather trim ( All Reviews )

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Emily from Nashville, TN



Well Built…. But not for Baritone This gig bag seems to be very well built and even includes a padded external pouch for accessories. All strap/handle attachment points are thick leather, reinforced, etc. However, I was disappointed with the fit of the bag. For lack of a better description, it's like trying to position an Unwieldy Instrument into a 3' long hotdog bun. This must be done from an upright (not horizontal) position. To place the instrument in (or remove it from) the case, the double zippered flap must be undone, causing the case to lose most of its structural integrity. What happens next is an event not unlike a giant banana peel unfurling into one's music room floor. The open flap of the case has nowhere to go-- so look out. I don't doubt that these cases are excellent for the smaller variety of instruments (trumpets, alto saxes, piccolos, and the like), but one should not attempt to wrangle a baritone sax into this thing lest they hurt themselves or the horn in the process.

Phil X. Katz



"Exactly what I expected" Contrary to a number of people who had problems with this case not fitting their Bari sax with a Low A, I find this case fits my new Bari perfectly. Don't see how it can miss since all the foam pieces that matter are detachable and can be moved to fit where they are needed. Side compartment is more than enough for reeds, straps, mouthpieces, etc. Case comes with a rain pouch which is useful since I take this on a motorcycle everywhere it goes. Again, the price was right, the bag fits perfectly. Delivered on time as promised I love these guys!

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