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105-WBFLK Gard Tenor Sax Wheelie, Leather ( All Reviews )

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LazyRiver from Western, MA





Garde Tenor Sax Wheelie Case: I would be in big trouble without this case. I'm 77 and need a cane to get around. I can no longer deal with backpack cases or traditional hand carry cases. This case does it it right and has great protection for the instrument. And I get many compliments on its appearance. There's a little almost hidden strap high up that lets me pick it up for carrying up a few steps or loading into the car. Descriptions don't generally mention this strap, but it is very handy - a must, really.


Lynn from Iowa



"do NOT buy" CONS: Not A Safe Case, Not Functional. BEST USES: No Protection. Comments about Gard Tenor Sax Wheelie Bag: This case may look good but it offers NO protection & is very unstable. The second time out a slight brush from someone's hand knocked it over & did a lot of damage to my tenor! Do NOT buy!!!

Glenda Branch



Great. Hubby loves it!!! Easy to manuever. Safe and saves time on the back. It advertised double but when ordered we got the single bag.

Dr. Roy from NYC



PROS: Easy To Use, Functional, Good Quality. Comments about Gard Tenor Sax Wheelie Bag: A tenor saxophone can be like walking through airports with a small child on your shoulder. Get that baby off your back and let your horn walk on its own! Great price style and value. Leather's better.

Amazon Customer



The Gard Wheelie is Constant Companion to my Tenor Sax. This is my third Gard Wheelie bag. I have one for my Low A baritone sax and another for my alto and soprano (combo). I admit buying these bags for the wheels because i went through a dark period when I thought my hip was never going to return to anything normal, and I describe normal in this case as being able to walk without pain. Whether it is my baritone, tenor or alto and soprano together, the Gard Wheelie bags have made traveling to rehearsals and gigs much easier, and I would go so far as to suggest they made getting there and back a possibility when it didn't look like I was going to be able to do it. I soon discovered I wasn't the only sax player in my groups to recognize the utility of these fine bags (and I hesitate to refer to them as bags because of their abundant protective padding that offers adequate protection to my horns). Some of the most experienced players I know use them. I asked my go-to woodwind repair tech for his opinion about using bags like this and he wisely said that the amount of protection the bag provided would depend on how carefully the owner handled the bag and its contents. In other words, they might not be the best choice when third parties would be handling the bag such as baggage handlers, or shipping carriers, but as long as the instrument owner was personally using the bag for transport, it shouldn't be a problem. That said, I've been using Gard Wheelie bags for a few years without incident to any of my horns. I just added the tenor sax bag and already have used it on several occasions without incident. I feel confident when I personally use Gard Wheelies to transport my horns to and from rehearsals and gigs that nothing adverse will happen to the instruments, not counting natural disasters and the like. Gard Wheelie bags, whether for my rather large baritone sax, or the smaller alto/soprano saxes, are very sturdy and well made. They have durable outer fabric covers with substantial and adequate blocks of protective foam that come with each bag, along with silk or rayon protective bags for the instrument and accessories. And the expandable tote handles complement the convenience of wheels with which to easily move the contents from A to B. Also convenient are the large outer pouches for all manner of accessories and the front straps to hold stands and back straps for those who prefer to haul the bag on their back. Gard designers thought of everything. These wheelie bags are reasonably priced making them affordable for us starving musicians. Buy one for your axe, you'll be glad you did.

Fallopia Tuba from New York, NY



Great bag, great price. I got the baritone sax wheelie bag (#467112) and wanted to use it for a few weeks to evaluate it; I also bought it with the thought that I might have to return it if it turned out not to be useful for my situation, but it does everything I need it to. As a matter of fact, this is an excellent bag and an excellent value; being a mail-order item, I was hesitant to order such a big item, and the 45-day return guarantee helped decide me. (I saved all the tags just in case.) I've found that although the backpack straps look awkward and impossible to use, the bag is actually pretty comfortable carried on my back, even with my 11-pound sax inside. (There is a height issue, because I'm short but carrying the bag as a backpack makes me six feet tall!) I never wheel it on city streets because I bought this bag in the first place to avoid damage to my sax, and the sidewalks and pavement are too bumpy and unpredictable to wheel it. I really like the movable foam blocks inside the bag that hold the sax in place; although this isn't a hard case and I wouldn't check it with my luggage, it's a big step up from the soft-sided Reunion-Blues-style bag I was previously using. I'm considering getting the trumpet wheelie bag when I get a trumpet to go with my flugelhorn.

Seth Easley from Greenville, California



Best gig bag ever! I love my gard saxophone wheelie bag. It provides the excellent protection my sax deserves and needs with the convenience of the wheels. It was worth every penny!

Maggie from Florida



I absolutely love this product. I absolutely love this product! I walk to school everyday from my house to school(which is 10 minutes walking distance)and I had to carry my heavy saxophone case to school every day! Now I can just roll to school! Over all I absolutely love this product!

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