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Why Gard Bags

Rolling Wheelies/Trollies - Arrive fresh for your gig and perform your best.
Must-have for professionals, seniors and musicians with special needs.

Similar to the very popular pull-behind luggage, GARD WHEELIES will delight any player wanting to arrive fresh at his gig, by removing the weight of the weight of their instruments from their back and shoulders. The bags are made with the same quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail as the GARD gig bags. All wheelies/trollies feature the mid-bag suspension system enabling the best protection in its weight loss. Each bag features an outer shell of genuine leather or durable Synthetic fabric, and is well padded inside, with dense foam. The wheel rack is lightweight and can be lifted effortlessly, making it way popular among professional musicians, senior citizens, people with special needs, for example those who have undergone surgery and have been advised not to lift heavy objects.

GARD Wheelies are manufactured in 2 options: Full-Leather and Synthetic with Leather Trim Wheelies.


I have been a fan of rolling cases my entire career. The concept of taking the weight of three trumpets and case off my shoulders is simple common sense for reducing unwanted tension in the body.. ~ Jens Lindemann


To date the baritone Gard Wheelie bag has been fantastic, especially so since my open heart surgery this past October. If I had to actually carry this horn around without the Gard Wheelie bag I would have to give up playing! So far the bag is not showing very much wear and tear under heavy usage. ~ Brian Axelrod

The instrument is ‘suspended’
inside the wheelie to drastically
reduce the chances of damage
during impact.
Wheelies have foam cubes and
flexi-belts that can be configured
and rearranged to protect the
vulnerable parts such as: valves,
the bell lip, and the lead pipe.


All wheelies have a water
repellent cape.
Wheelie bags also feature a
telescopic handle to allow easy
adjustment for the
height of the musician.
Front kick-stand that prevents
the wheelie from toppling over
due to the weight of the accessories
in the front pocket.

Extendable front double zipper
pockets can easily fit mutes,
The belts and cone used for the
suspension have Velcro
fasteners and can be adjusted
according to the instrument.
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