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Why Gard Bags

MID BAG SUSPENSION - Best protection for your Horn in its weight class.

MID BAG SUSPENSION Saxophone Gig Bag / Wheelie A
MID BAG SUSPENSION Trumpet & Flugelhorn Gig Bag B
MID BAG SUSPENSION French Horn Wheelie C
How Mid-Bag suspension
works. Mid Bag Suspension System

Instrument is suspended in mid-air inside
the bag.
The Mid-bag suspension system in Gard Bags is a protective combination of dense foam pads and cones in Gig Bags and dense foam cubes and cones in Wheelies. It holds the music instrument by its robust parts, leaving the delicate parts suspended in mid-air. As a result, about 9 out of 10 times, the music instrument will escape damage when dropped or on impact.

Ordinary Bag Instruments rest on side and bottom.

In ordinary bags, the delicate protruding parts of the musical instrument touch the bottom and side walls of the gig bag. In the event of an accidental impact, the delicate protruding parts (1, 2 and 3) are liable to be damaged.

Additional Safety features
No gaps:

For all round total protection, there is no gap under the seam. A removable wooden disc padded with dense foam ensures double protection, under the seam, to the vulnerable bell area of your music instrument.

img 01
02 img

In ordinary bags the foam protection stops short ½” (12mm) on both sides of the seam. Along the seam, there is a 1” (25mm) gap in foam protection. The bell lip of the music instrument slips into this unprotected gap and is easily damaged by any impact

No gap under the Zipper:

For all-round total protection, there is no gap under the zipper. A band of thick hard foam, called Zipper Guard, is sewn under the zipper. It prevents the music instrument from damage by impact or by scratches from the zipper.

img 03
04 img

In ordinary bags, there is a gap in foam protection under the zipper. Without any protection the music instrument is easily damaged by any impact on the zipper. It is also easily scratched by the zipper.

Dense foam:

Specially formulated dense foam is used in the bags. This foam is expensive, dense and highly impact resistant. We test the hard foam by bouncing a 300 gm glass ball on the foam laid over a glass plate. Only if the glass ball or glass plate does not break, chip or crack, is the foam approved for use. Ordinary bags use soft foam, which does not protect.

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