Gard Baritone Saxophone (Low A) Wheelie Bag, Synthetic with Leather trim

Teresa M from northern CA 10 September, 2014
str str str str str | 5 / 5

Gard wheelie bag for low-A bari. This Gard wheelie bag is easy to maneuver over curbs and sidewalks. It's the same type of wheel and extendable handle as used on most luggage, so it's fine in the city but not good for a walk in the woods. The "backpack" feature on the bari case seems useless, as the straps are way below the center of gravity and the case is so tall it would hit every door frame or tree branch you walk under. The model for bari (Item #467112 940 3) fits my Yamaha low-A bari just fine. The foam blocks inside the case are covered with a soft fabric and Velcro which attaches to the fabric lining of the case, and you will definitely want to adjust their positions to fit your sax. After I repositioned the foam blocks, the case holds my bari securely, and the padding is adequate for hauling the instrument in a car and protecting against pedestrian-type bumps and jostles, but don't pile anything heavy (like other saxophones or amps) on top of this case, and of course, don't check it into airplane luggage. It's basically a gig bag that is reasonably stiff with a lot of padding. The 4 outside pockets are also padded, and provide plenty of storage space for sax neck, reeds, cleaning supplies, snacks and beverages, and an iPad, but not big enough for sheet music or my sturdy bari stand. The case stands upright securely and has no inclination to tip over. There is an extendable bracket that can be pulled out from the front of the base to give it even more stability. The bari goes in and out of the case from a standing position. It's a "top loader" -- the front flap is sort of like a drawbridge with 2 sturdy zippers that go down from the top of the case, and I've decided I like this feature as much as I like the wheels. No more bending and squatting! I have even started using the case as an instrument stand. (OK, it wouldn?t work as a stand for doublers, but if you only put your bari down during breaks, this protects it even better than an instrument stand.) The synthetic fabric exterior of the case looks the same as the fabric used on Protec cases, and all the seams and zippers are well finished. The fabric is not water repellent -- I just gave it the squirt-bottle test. I live in California, and we're having a drought, but if it ever rains again, the case came with a rain cover which fits snugly over the whole shebang. In the interest of writing a thorough (but long) review, I just sprayed the rain jacket, and it seems as water repellant as my best rain poncho. My only wish is that there would be one more handle on the front of the bag, below the zippers. This would make it even easier to heft up stairs or into cars. This bag suits my needs, and I think it's good value for the price.

Thad Noland from Boston, MA
str str str str str | 5 / 5
106-WBFSK-Gard Baritone Saxophone (Low A) Wheelie Bag, Synthetic with Leather trim

"Innovative & Protective - All Around Great Gig Bag" Comments about Gard Low A Baritone Saxophone Wheelie Bag: I bought this Gard Wheelie Bag for my Just Saxes Crescent Low A Baritone Saxophone with some reservation. I was planning on getting a regular shoulder bag until my wife pointed out that it might get tiring to carry around a Bari Sax on my shoulder all the time. My tenor case is heavy enough... I looked back and forth on the internet trying to see as many pictures as I can (as there are none here on Musician's Friend) to make sure this bag was protective and exactly what I needed. I was a bit uneasy about the design until I got it home. This wheelie bag stands up vertically, which is strange for such a large case. I was wondering how easy it would be to knock it over, so I put my Bari in it, zipped it up, and went to pushing (lightly at first.) It wouldn't move, really. I pushed harder, and then harder - wouldn't move more than an inch either direction. This thing stands up securely - strangely enough. I am now proud to own this Wheelie Bag. From the telescoping handle, to the quality of build - this is one GREAT gig bag - w/ wheels.

Robert from Florida 28 January, 2009
str str str str str | 5 / 5

Great Bari case. I've now had my baritone sax case for two years. I wouldn't give it up for any other kind of case.

JennR from MI 28 January, 2009
str str str str str | 5 / 5

Nice bari case I have a Buescher 400 Bari, big bell style, original case long gone. This is the first case I've found that will hold the horn without letting it bang around inside or bend keys. It's a lot easier to get into and out of the car than my hard case, and the wheels make it a lot easier to move around (I used to strap the old case to a luggage cart, and while that worked, it was often more trouble than it was worth). I really have no idea why they put the backpack straps on the bari case -- there's no practical way that would work. (Not that I'm going to try it -- back surgery limits my backpack weights to 10 pounds or less.) There's no place for a saxophone stand in any of the exterior pockets, and that's really the only complaint I have.

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