Gard Euphonium (Besson) Wheelie, Synthetic with Leather trim

Andrew from Florida
str str str str str | 3 / 5
52-WBFSK-Gard Euphonium (Besson) Wheelie, Synthetic with Leather trim

"Too Small" PROS: Good Quality. CONS: Not Functional. BEST USES: Concerts. Comments about Gard Mid-Suspension Euphonium Gig Bag: I think that this is a nice product for people that own other Euphonium models. The material is durable and I like the suspension technology. Unfortunately, when I received my case, I tried putting my horn in it and the case was too small, so I had to ship it back and exchange it for a different bag. I think it would be good for Gard to make a larger version of the same case so there is an option for many different models.

Lars from St. Cloud, MN 17 October, 2014
str str str str str | 4 / 5

Euphonium case works well. PROS: Functional, Good Quality. BEST USES: Concerts, Practicing. This euphonium case on wheels is great! Plenty of room for everything. The interior has movable pads with velcro backs so you may customize the padding to fit your euph. Only two minor negatives. First, a handle on the side would make loading into a vehicle easier. Second, the pocket for music has two zippers in order to access the space - a little inconvenient. Neither of the negatives are a reason not to buy.

RVP in MD 10 September, 2014
str str str str str | 5 / 5

Worth every penny!!! Oh My! Pricey....yes. Worth every penny! Way more than I expected. My 11 year old was ecstatic. His band teacher could not drop going on about. A print dropped to ask about it. It's attractive and and highly functional. My son should have it for for years....even longer than his euphonium Everything about this bag says quality. Even s a built in train shield. Arrived when it was supposed to. It was packed to travel around the world!! In other words, great packing job. A+.

Dave from Las Cruces, New Mexico 19 August, 2014
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Great gig bag. Pros Easy To Use Functional Good Quality I recently bought a used Willson Euphonium to replace my Yamaha 321. The "new" horn is wonderful, but in its original case goes 45 lbs. or more. While the weight isn't a lot different with this wheelie bag, it's much easier to move around. The bag is very well made and has lots of support for the instrument built in (and it can be repositioned easily.) I'm very pleased with the bag and the quality of construction. A tad pricey, but I recommend highly.

Library lady 11 January, 2014
str str str str str | 5 / 5

Great case for the lowest price. It's so much better than my heavy case and it seems well built. The price was also much less than other places.

Jimmy Hoffa 22 November, 2013
str str str str str | 5 / 5

Allora again - you pay for quality - but quality is what you get. Oh the price, I hate it. But it's worth every penny - I just don't have much money right now. Now my 80 pound 11 year old can wheel - yes wheel - her Euphonium all the way 3/4 of a mile to her band locker. She can now hold her head high and no one in her ENTIRE elite school has ANYTHING like it. I mean no one - not even the teacher has seen anything like it. It's Allora - it's the best. Our first case literally broke in half. This one will be around for years and will be an heirloom - for not that much more. If you are serious, have to have one. If you are not sure, I bet you can get at least half of your money back from some lucky parent the next year - or more. You can't wrong, really.

Tara 13 September, 2013
str str str str str | 5 / 5

Well made and saved my son carrying his baritone. This bag saved by 5th grade son from carrying his baritone back and forth to school. I have had parents stop me to ask where they can get one. The only downfall with the bag was the price. $234.00 is really expensive for this bag! I hope it will last a long time.

Ann E 13 September, 2013
str str str str str | 5 / 5

Great option. We bought this for our 6th grade son to transport to/from school. He walks home and his baritone was much to heavy and awkward to carry that far. This wheeled case has been great. He doesn't complain anymore about having to walk home after band practice. It also has a rain cover so he can cover up the fabric bag when there is rain or snow.

MK from Wanaque, NJ 23 February, 2011
str str str str str | 4 / 5

Good Product I really like this bag. After a few issues with my other bag, I had to replace it. I was between two different bags (I really needed more protection)and decided to go with this one. It is a little more expensive than the other one I was looking at but once I started using it I was glad I made the choice. This is decently padded for protection and fits all of my stuff in it. It is a little bulkier compared to some of the others out there BUT I think it is well worth it.

Linda from CA 30 May, 2009
str str str str str | 5 / 5

Great Functional Bag!!! I've had my wheelie bag for two years and I absolutely love it. I can put either of my euphoniums in it (Yamaha 321 or Kanstul 975 compensating) without making any adjustment. The protective padding is more than adequate for either horn and there is nothing to scratch the finish. The accessory compartment holds an amazing amount of stuff, including: a large 3 ring notebook, water bottle, eyeglass case, mouthpieces, oil, grease, rags, wallet, cell phone, tuner, and a light weight jacket. When I am also playing trombone, my trombone stand fits in there too. The bag is very well made and sturdy enough to carry a trumpet gig bag on top. You will not be sorry you bought this bag and it is well worth the price.

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