Gard Single Cornet Gig Bag, Synthetic with Leather Trim

Royce from Mukilteo WA 18 June, 2014
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"Good Value for Leather" PROS: Functional, Good Quality, Good Value For Leather Comments about Gard Mid-Suspension Cornet Gig Bag: I've had other higher-priced leather cases, but this is the best.

MGJT from Maryland 02 January, 2013
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"Nice gig bag" PROS: Good Quality Comments about Gard Mid-Suspension Cornet Gig Bag: Nice gig bag for a great price. It's made for a short model cornet. I don't think a long (American-style) cornet will fit. I'm using mine to hold a pocket trumpet. The horn is relatively well protected.

Robert Jackson from Illinois 31 May, 2012
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"My Cornet Didn't Fit" Comments about Gard Mid-Suspension Cornet Gig Bag: Not Useable. I have two vintage cornets (around 1900). Neither one of the cornets fit the case. They were both too long. It was a great disappoinment, the case looked like what I was looking for. The quality was excellent. It would have been a great value if it would have been the correct size.

John Brewer from Amarillo, TX 06 October, 2011
str str str str str | 5 / 5

"Gard Mid-Suspension Cornet Gig Bag" Overall, great bag, great price, great service but only fits short cornets. I play Taps at several military/vets funerals each week - got this bag to save my cases. PRO: it is well constructed, very inexpensive and protects the cornet well. The mid suspension pads (two) plus the bell disc and padded cone allow custom protection. CON: the side accessory compartment may be a bit big (I've come to use it a lot). It's hard to insert and remove the cornet from all the padding (this may ease as the case loosens up. The case only accepts cornets shorter than 15 1/2 inches (tight or British wrap) (measure 1st). The case strap is really heavy duty - too big and heavy for a cornet. I just use a piece of nylon strap. I hope to find a similar bag in a longer cornet model (16 to 18 inches?) and plan to order a similar trumpet bag when available.

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