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41-WBFLK Gard Horntasche, fester Schallbecher Wheelie, Leder




Ein French Horn mit festem Schallbecher.


21 x 17 x 11 (in Inches)

53,34 x 43,18 x 27,94 (in cms)


28 x 20,5 x 15 (in Inches)

71,12 x 52,07 x 38,1 (in cms)

Maße der Fronttasche:

15,8 x 15,8 (in Inches)

40,13 x 40,13 (in cms)


7,95 Kgs / 17,53 Pounds

Horntasche, fester Schallbecher Wheelie, Leder, Schwarz – 41-WBFLK


  • GARD-System: patentierte Schwebelagerung in der Taschenmitte, Polsterelemente und gepolsterte Trichter schützen Ihr Instrument.
  • Im Tascheninneren ist das Instrument von allen Seiten mit einer 25mm starken Polsterung umgeben.
  • Ein 2,5 cm starkes Schaumstoffband unter dem Reißverschluss („Zipper Guard“) schützt vor Kratzern durch den Reißverschluss.


  • Sturdy YKK zippers.
  • Robuste YKK Reißverschlüsse.
  • Alle Belastungspunkte sind vernäht und zusätzlich vernietet.

Design / Komfort

  • Ein Taschenständer an der Vorderseite verhindert, dass das Gewicht des Instrumentes das Wheelies umkippen lässt..
  • Teleskopgriffe lassen sich mühelos auf die Körpergröße des Musikers einstellen.
  • Tragegriff aus Echtleder sorgt für angenehmen, weichen Griff und passt sich Ihrer Hand an..
  • 2” weiter Schultergurt inklusive mit einer Tasche.
  • Rucksack- und Schultergurt-Trageoptionen.
  • Inklusive Gepäckanhänger aus Leder.
  • Alle Taschen sind mit einer wasserfesten Regenhülle ausgestattet, die das Instrument zusätzlich schützt.

Pat Snyder from York, PA


Great for someone with mobility issues. I bought this for my husband who has trouble walking and carrying his horn. He loves it! The only issue we had was there were no directions as to how to position the various velcro'ed pads, etc., and it was shipped with pictures of every instrument under the sun except a french horn in the case. My husband was able to figuire it out, but it would be nice to have instructions or a picture.

Danielle Bailey from ohio



"Fixed bell french horn wheelie bag" Comments about Gard Fixed Bell French Horn Wheelie Bag: Bag is too large, Bag isnt specialized for a french horn. It doesnt offer enough protection, The flap must be held up while u take horn in or out of the case, Putting the horn in is akward and u have to position wedges around the horn to stablize. Theres no place to put mouthpieces except the huge pouch in front. I do not reccommend this bag. I reccommend: contoured pro pac french horn case regular. item no. 5402350 Before I bought this bag, i was uncertain whether it was a hard-shelled case inside. I called customer service about my inquirey and she explained to me that they did not have the actual product there to inspect but she thought that maybe it was not. I really wanted a case that had wheels bc i thought it would be easier to carry around. The cs lady told me that if i dont like the bag, she would send a prepaid label to return it. Well when the bag arrived, i was very shocked at its' size. it was massive! Although it says it's for a french horn, i dont think this bag is specifically made for only french horns. it was very big, it was akward to get the horn in and out of, and once the horn was in, you had to position the foam wedges around the horn. So needless to say, i returned it and bought the CONTOURED PRO PAC FRENCH HORN CASE. Now this bag is totally bada**!!!! Horn fits snugly, it can be carried three diff ways, has a lrg pouch in front (a music folder doesnt fit it this pouch tho) I absolutley love this case! every time i spoke with c.s., I was treated like GOLD. These people are here to help and please their customers! I STRONGLY reccommend ordering from this site and I will always look here first the next time i need something. also. all my orders were always shipped WAY sooner than promised! a nice bonus ! Although i didnt like this bag, it was very well made overall. It was sturdy material and mounted on the wheels very well. It was a soft case with no hard shell inside. DEFINITELY not for airtravel and would not, in my opinion, protect your horn enough. This would be a keeper if it was designed with a hard shell inside and soft outside.

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