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Designer Gig Bags, Wheelies/Trollies handcrafted in superb genuine leather Available in full leather or with leather accents

Gard Designer Single Trumpet Gig Bags

  • 1-MLT
  • 1-MLK
  • 1-MLN
  • 1-MLY

Gard Designer Alto Saxophone European Model Gig Bag

  • 104-DMS BT
  • 104-DMS FN
  • 104-DMS BY
  • 104-MLK

Gard Designer Triple Trumpet Wheelie

  • 11-WBFDS BT
  • 11-WBFDS BY
  • 11-WBFDS FN
  • 11-WBFLK

Gard Triple Trumpet Designer Gig Bag

  • 7-DMS BT
  • 7-MLK
  • 7-DMS FN
  • 7-DMS BY

Gard Designer Tenor Trombone 8" Bell Gig Bag

  • 21-DMS BT
  • 21-DMS BY
  • 21-DMS FN
  • 21-MLK

GARD Wheelies are manufactured in 2 options:

Full-Leather and Synthetic with Leather Trim Wheelies.


  • 1

    The instrument is ‘suspended’ inside the wheelie to drastically reduce the chances of damage during impact.

  • 2

    Wheelies have foam cubes and flexi-belts that can be configured and rearranged to protect the vulnerable parts such as: valves, the bell lip, and the lead pipe.

  • 3

    All wheelies have a water repellent cape.

  • 4

    Wheelie bags also feature a telescopic handle to allow easy adjustment for the height of the musician.

  • 5

    Front kick-stand that prevents the wheelie from toppling over due to the weight of the accessories in the front pocket.

  • 6

    Extendable front double zipper pockets can easily fit mutes, mouthpieces.

  • 7

    The belts and cone used for the suspension have Velcro fasteners and can be adjusted according to the instrument.


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