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Talwar Brothers (P) Ltd. is a 3rd generation family business with manufacturing facilities in Kolkata, India. The company caters to the Music Industry throughout the world, especially in Japan, Europe and USA.

The company is founded on the core values of honesty, integrity, and loyalty to the customers. These are reflected in their products that provide real satisfaction and value for money.

How the company was founded

Talwar Brothers was founded by Balraj Talwar in 1948, who migrated to the city of Kolkata in 1943 with just a few pennies in his pocket. He borrowed money to start a business in timber that was in short supply due to World War II. The business grew and Balraj brought in his brothers to help him manage it. Thus, the company was named Talwar Brothers.

In 1962, Balraj’s eldest son Vijay Talwar enrolled at the University Of Hamburg, Germany for a Masters in Wood Technology to help grow the business professionally. Vijay came back to India in 1967 to a company that was embezzled of USD 1.5 million dollars.

Vijay used his technical knowledge to discover that India was a great source of Ebony and became the first company to export Ebony from India. With the quick foray into export of Ebony the company started making a profit in 1972.

In 1971 Dr. Moeck, owner of Moeck Blockfloetenbau und Verlag in Germany visited their factory in Kolkata. He was impressed with the sawmill and asked Vijay to supply Ebony to his factory in Germany. Moeck became a regular customer and placed annual orders for Ebony.

After 21 years, on one of Vijay’s annual visits to the Moeck factory in Germany, the company asked him if he could produce packaging for recorders in cotton, given India’s reputation as one of the world’s top cotton producers. Germany was in the process of discovering the health hazards of PVC and Moeck decided to phase out all their PVC packaging and “go green” with environmentally friendly cotton packaging.

Gard Bags Factory & Office


The fire of 1999

On 18th January 1999, the offices and factory of Talwar Brothers were destroyed in a devastating fire. It was payday for all the employees. Founder Balraj Talwar and son Vijay Talwar set up a makeshift table on the sidewalk in front of the burnt building and paid out salaries in cash to each one of the employees of Talwar Brothers.

The insurance company delayed the payment of the insurance claim for two years. During this time the business was run from home. Their customers all over the world helped them: people accepted delayed deliveries, gave them advance payments against orders and even paid them advances without any orders to help them get back on their feet. Suppliers made bills: “Payable when able” and all three generations - Balraj, Vijay and Pooja - worked together to bring the company back from the ashes.

Six years later in 2004, they shifted to their current building as shown in the picture on the right.

In 2008, Balraj Talwar died and one and half year later Pooja Talwar married Abhi Chakrabarti and moved to the USA to be with her husband.

For five years, Vijay Talwar ran the company alone, and in 2013, Abhi and Pooja decided to leave USA and join the family company. For the last two years, the company is being run by a three person managerial team of Abhi, Pooja and Vijay.

This is the story of their success so far, built on values of honesty, integrity and hard work that are reflected in their products and services. You are welcome to explore their website and contact them for more information.


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The core values of honesty, integrity, and loyalty to the customers are reflected in our products. We strive to provide real satisfaction and value for money in our products.