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CST2 Rectangular Pouch for 2 Trumpet/Trombone mouthpieces



This rectangular shaped pouch from Gard bags is designed to protect 2 (TWO) trumpet or trombone mouthpieces. 

Made of Genuine Leather.

Fits 2 trumpet or trombone mouthpieces.

Designed with an easy-to-carry belt loop, secure Velcro zipper closure, and padded interior lining.


We know most pouches are carried inside larger bags. So you are looking for a pouch that doesn't take up too much space while keeping your instrument parts safe and secure.

This particular mouthpiece pouch for your trumpet or trombone:

• keeps you organized on the go
• promises a snug fit on your trumpet or trombone mouthpiece, keeping it secure
• prevents scratches due to its inner padded lining
• helps you carry it around with more ease and comfort with the belt loop and velcro stiched on the back

Size: One Size

Shape: Rectangular-shaped

Capacity: 2 Trumpet or Trombone Mouthpieces

Color: Black

Exterior: Leather

Interior: Cotton Velvet

This mouthpiece pouch can be used inside a larger instrument bag, or simply as a standalone carry-on while traveling.

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