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Uncompromising Protection Meets MAXIMUM EASE AND MOBILITY

Brian Axelrod Saxophone Player


I’ve been happily using my Gard “Trolley” bag for baritone for more 2 years and I couldn’t be happier with it. This bag has saved me countless trips to and from my car or the band bus, it has made my playing life so very much easier without having to carry around a heavy baritone sax case in one hand and all of my accessories in other bags. I use it for both my low A baritone and my Couf Superba low Bb baritone sax with no trouble at all. The bag has done a wonderful job so far, especially with the added pads you can place around the sax yourself within the bag for added protection. To date the baritone Wheelie bag has been fantastic, especially so since my open heart surgery this past October. If I had to actually carry this horn around without the Wheelie bag I would have to give up playing! So far the bag is not showing very much wear and tear under heavy usage.

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