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Uncompromising Protection Meets MAXIMUM EASE AND MOBILITY

Jens Lindemann Trumpet Player


When I first saw a Gard Wheelie, I was struck by its attractive looks, and then discovered its many practicalities, such as the ability to convert the inside of the case for various trumpets, the expandable front pocket for extra mutes and music, the extra inside storage flaps, and even its own raincoat with reflective logo for safe night time travel. The Wheelie can also be used as a backpack. Finally, I had found a case that could do everything. The Gard triple trumpet Wheelie conforms to airline carry on standards. I have been confidently hand checked it with flight attendants of smaller aircraft at the door. I and all the musicians of Brassfire are proud to travel internationally with Gard Bags and Wheelies – our instruments mean the world to us!

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