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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01: Do all Gard Gig Bags have a backpack or shoulder straps?

    Most Gard Gig Bags have shoulder straps, which double up as backpack straps. All you have to do is take the shoulder strap through a leather loop behind the bag and hook it up on either sides, at the bottom. It becomes a backpack strap.

    Tuba bags have dedicated shoulder straps.

  • 02: Do all Gard Wheelies have backpack or shoulder straps?

    All Gard Wheelies, except Saxophone Wheelies, have shoulder straps.

    All wheelies, including Saxophone Wheelies, have backpack straps.

  • 03: Can I remove the wheels of a Gard Wheelie and use the bag separately?

    No, the wheels are not detachable and cannot be separated from the bag.

    You can try our gig bags instead.

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