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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01: How does Gard's patented mid-bag suspension system protect my instrument?

    The GARD Mid-bag Suspension System is a strategic arrangement of dense foam pads and cones in Gig Bags and dense foam cubes and cones in Wheelies. The system supports the instrument at its strongest points, isolating the more delicate parts from potential harm. This greatly reduces the risk of instrument damage when the bag is dropped impacted.

  • 02: How thick is the dense foam in Gard Bags?

    The thickness of the high density foam is 20mm in Gard Gig Bags and 25mm in Gard Wheelies. Apart from the dense foam protecting the musical instrument, Gard Bags also have cubes and cones made of dense foam for optimum protection.

  • 03: Do all the Gard Gig Bags and Wheelies have a rain cape?

    Yes, all Gard gig bags and wheelies have a rain cape which protect them in case of bad weather, except small flute case covers or accessory pouches.

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