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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01: How do I know if my instrument will fit in the bag?

    You can view the inner dimensions of the bags on their respective product pages under the ‘Product Overview’ section, along with information about which instruments will fit in the bag. That will help you know if a particular bag will accommodate your instrument.

  • 02: How do I know if my flute or mouthpieces will fit in the outside pockets of a bag?

    Please see the Pocket Dimensions for the bags under ‘Product Overview’, which will help you understand which instruments/accessories can fit in the outside pockets.

  • 03: Will my bag be allowed as hand-baggage, or cabin luggage, by the airline?

    The weights of bags have been mentioned in kilograms (kgs) and pounds (lbs) in the respective product pages. Please add that to the weight of your instrument and check with the airlines before you carry your bag with you. The outside dimensions have also been provided.

  • 04: I have misplaced the shoulder strap of my GARD Gig Bag. Can you ship it to me?

    Yes. Depending on the part you want us to ship to you for a particular bag, we will quote the price and the shipping cost for it. Once we get a go-ahead from you, we will send you a PayPal invoice, and ship the part as soon as the payment is made.

  • 05: Will my bag fit in the overhead bin of the airline I am going to travel with?

    The Outer Dimensions of your bag are mentioned in their respective product pages on this website. Please compare that with the size allowed by the airline you are travelling with. It will help you decide if you can carry it with you as cabin baggage, or need to check it in. For larger bags, the only solution is to purchase an adjacent seat.

  • 06: What can I do if the wheels of my Wheelie fall off?

    If your bag is within the warranty period of one year, we will send the wheels and axle free of charge.

    Just let us know the model number of your bag and we will send the wheels and axle to you.

    If the wheels fell off after more than a year of purchase, we will send the same to you on payment of the part’s price along with the shipping cost.

    There is also a demo video for the same, which will show you how to change the axle -

  • 07: The Zipper of my bag is torn. Can you replace it?

    If the bag zipper tears within one year of purchase, send a picture to us, and we will replace the bag for you.

    If the damage happens after a year of purchase, please take it to a local bag repair or shoe repair shop. However, if No. 10 zippers are not available, we can send it to you on payment of the price for the same, along with the shipping cost.

  • 08: What is the difference between the 23-MLK and the 24-MLK, style? Both seem to work for a 8.5 to 9 inch bell?

    23-MLK / MSK: These gig bags have an separate outer compartment for storing the slide. The slide is stored out side the main compartment of the bag, away from the bell and valves.

    24-MLK / MSK: In this model, the slide is stored inside the main compartment of the bag along with the instrument. There is, of course, a separate padded cover with outer velvet lining for the slide.

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