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GARD Elite Series bags are manufactured using Cordura® Nylon 1680 Denier oxford weave, ballistic, water repellant fabric. Because Cordura fabrics are durable and resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs, they are used in a wide array of products including luggage, backpacks, trousers, military wear and performance apparel.

GARD Standard Series and GARD Wheelies Series bags are manufactured employing Polyester 1200 Denier basket weave, abrasion resistant, water repellent fabric.

All fabrics are laminated with 0.2 mm of TPE / Virgin PVC that meet European REACH norms.

The fabrics used in our products are procured directly from a BLUESIGN Certified mill. BLUESIGN certification guarantees the highest degree of assurance to consumers and ensures that the products were manufactured with responsible use of resources and the lowest possible impact on people and the environment.

Stitching Thread:

Our products use COATS Nylbond Protect premium bonded nylon 6.6 thread stitching throughout for exceptional strength and durability. Coats Nylbond is a bonded nylon thread made from pre-stabilized continuous filament nylon 6.6. It cuts cleanly at thread trimming with no ply separation and provides superior abrasion resistance in the sewn product.

The high-tenacity nylon allows for outstanding strength and durability. Its unique bond chemistry and proprietary coating technology produces a strong and supple thread with no ply untwisting, no flaking and no 'sewn in' color change.

Metal Fittings:

D-rings and related fittings used in GARD products are custom-cast brass, followed by an anti-oxidation coating, electroplating, and lacquering. Our fittings are strength tested for a minimum tolerance level of 30 – 70 lbs (depending upon bag size).

YKK Zipper:

All GARD branded products only use YKK coil zippers. A coil zipper, made of spiral plastic elements, including polyester and nylon, is the softest among the three zipper types, thus best for use with musical instruments.

The coil style is also strongest because so much area on the actual zipper is touching the other side of the zipper, and more flexible than a toothed zipper, for superior performance going around curves.


PATENTED Mid-Bag Suspension System:

The GARD Mid-bag Suspension System is a strategic arrangement of dense foam pads and cones in gig bags, and dense foam cubes and cones in wheelies. The system supports the instrument at its strongest points, isolating the more delicate parts from potential harm.

This greatly reduces the risk of instrument damage when the bag is dropped or impacted in any manner.

Full Perimeter Protection:

In addition to the Mid-Bag Suspension System, GARD bags employ a unique Harmonized Material Integration (HMI) design for enhanced omni-directional impact protection.

HMI entails use of materials selected and combined to provide the right strength, stiffness, and supplemental padding needed for each portion of the bag structure.

Handle Reinforcement:

Every handle is made from 100% genuine leather. All strap ring attachments are stitched, double-riveted, and reinforced with nylon/polyester tape for extra safety.

The leather edges are skived to allow for uniform folding along the edges and to enable superior adhesion with a glue. The handle is covered with an additional layer of leather to offer the soft leather feel for your comfort.


Soft-touch Leather Handle:

The leather handle in each of our bags is soft to the touch, and adjusts comfortably to your hand. Our premium grade leather becomes more supple and comfortable with use. Additionally, the professional stitching and interior reinforcement ensures the handle will remain both secure and attractive over time.

Shoulder Strap:

A generously wide shoulder strap is included in your bag for your comfort and convenience. The pure brass fittings, heavy-duty grommets, and military-grade stitching ensure your strap's security and longevity.

Hideaway Back-Pack System:

A simple hideaway backpack system is built into all Elite Series bags and Wheelies, and the majority of GARD Standard Series bags. This allows you to carry your bag handsfree, while you're on the go.

Take a look at the hideaway backpack system (and other GARD features) in our recent videos - watch video.

Organizer Accessory Pocket:

True to our commitment to the intelligent blend of form and function, accessory pockets are built into some of our designs, to keep your music and other articles safe, sorted, and right at your fingertips.

Integrated Rain Cape:

Most GARD bags and cases are manufactured using water-repellent fabrics. Moreover, most of our products* include an integrated rain cape. These capes offer additional protection, and also feature a reflective logo printed for greater visibility during bad weather conditions.

Note: leather surfaces and accents should be wiped dry when wet.

* Not included with small flute case covers or accessory pouches.

Leather Luggage Tag:

Our care for quality and convenience extends to every detail, including the matching leather luggage tag which comes with every GARD Bag.

Watch our YouTube videos to see why you should choose GARD for your safety, style and comfort.

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