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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01: How do I know which dealer to contact for buying a Gard Bag in my country of residence?

    You can view the Worldwide Dealer Network for Gard Bags on this link -

    The dealers who sell the bags online and offline can be seen there. If the dealer in your country of residence does not sell bags online, you could place an order with them by sending them an email or calling them.

    This information is also available on the link above.

  • 02: Where can Gard Bags be purchased from, online?

    Try our Store Locator page -

  • 03: What do I do if a particular bag is not available with any of the dealers?

    If a bag is not available, ask the dealer to contact the distributer in that country.

    If the distributer too does not have the bag, you could wait till the dealer places an order with us.

    You can also place an order with us directly and pay the full shipping amount, along with the price of the bag.

  • 04: Where can I see the price of a bag along with its shipping cost?

    The prices of bags and their shipping cost can either be seen online or by sending an email to the dealer closest to you. You can also write to us for prices at, if you want us to ship the bag to you.

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